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%- earl oves up the coast after stirring up urf in ocean
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ccty. where the big storm is now and what hould have a bigger effect on our weather over the next several days. it's all in mm sky watch forecast. beach. how much beach erosion may have caused at the maryland shore. shooting turns deadly. why a car's wheel well is a key piece of evidence. a brawl in the standards. what caused the fight and why other fans were so shocked. live, in high definition is fox 45 news at 10. hello. i'm jeff barnes. >> i'm karen parks. the theme of the day, goodbye earl..3 >> tonight the hurricane hhs %-turning up the atlantic ocean. >> much less rain in ocean city
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waves barreling into the massachusetts coast. we begin our coverage in ocean city. >> jeff abell reports beachgoer3 are saying farewell to huuricane earl. >> 12 hours later the clouds ú%rttd and the sun came out. hurricane earl is hiitory. it's amazing what mother ature can do. lost its strength, but it still put on a show. >> it's definitely a sight to see. you don't see his very often. >> mother nature is pretty powerful. seeing t in the fllsh and blood, it'sspretty lively. >> reporter: oceanncity had ú%aced for the wrath of hurricane earl, but when it came ashore, the storm weakened, delivering wind gusts of 403 miles per hour and creating minor flooding. >> we're going to experience some erosion out there. we don't know to what degree. you have to be patient becausee3
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what looks like a great loss of sand tomorrow, two weeks from now a lot of that will build back up with the waves and thh current. >> reporter: by noon travelers city leaders feared the hurricane would scare holiday travelers. instead, a it may have attracted them. >> we weren't going to come because of the hurriccne. we figured you know what??3 we'll see what happens. >> reporter: he city is now preparing to reopen the beach virtually unscathed.ú >> ocean city is ready to say goodbye to earl. >> reporter: there are noú reports of property damage and just one report of arrest. it turns out during the height of the storm, a swimmer decided to take the plunge in he buff. in cean city, maryland, i'mú jeff bell, fox 45 news at 10. meanwhile, you i!! surfer tried to hang ten with earl. he will be finee. earl lost most of its steam
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-s it maid it made its way up the ccast.ú residents and tourists innnew england are getting set for what could be a very windd and rainy beginning to the lengthy labor day weekend. hello, ramie. >> reporter: hay, jeff, that's exactly right. tte last few minutes just forn i've got to say it is friday and the tart of the labor day weekend. a lot of people are headed to the beaches looking forrsun, sand, and surf. here in massachusetts they'll get some sand and lot of surf they're looking for one other s word, and thht's safety. strong waaes, ind, and rain. millions of americans in the northeast arr heading into labor day weekend with an uninvited guest. his name is earl. the torm has caused many detours in hollday weekend plans all in theename of caution..33
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if it gets near about 70 miles an hour, they do shut the -ridges.3 so get off early. hurricane earth flooded homes in north carolina and left thouuand people without power. damage was inut minimal and no downngraded 2!! graded to as category 1. residents and tourists in coastal areas like new york'ss3 long island started to feel a bii more at ease. >> people are houses are nervous. they want to make sure they get their deck furniiure in and close their windows. >> reporter: despite warnings that earl remains a force to be reckoned with, here n -onfident about riding out the storee storeehave gone to the grocery we've got all the stuff e neee if the power goes out. this house has weathered storms before. we've had four feet oo water in -- nothing we can't handle, we
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feel. news, right nowwis some good news for massachusetts. -t trns out that the national hurricane center says by the tiie arl arrives between 12 and 2 a.m. eastern time, it looks like it won't be a hurrrcane. it will proble probably be more of a tropiccl storm. -ack to you. >> before we let you go in the rain, what are the locals doing to repare along cape cod? >> reporter: well, you know, they're staying in right now. that's what they're doing to prepare, but earlier when we spoke witt folks, they said they were pretty calm about things. we went door to door with some local policeman, and it turnedd3 out that people were going to ride out the storm. people had bought some good ú%ds. they were going to make some -ice dinners. they were going to batten down the hatches, pop in the dvd,,3 %-and hang in there to thekids morning. all righh.ds and good dinner, thanks so much for reporting tonight.m massachusetts
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our team of meteorologists have been tracking efer!! earr all week and the storm has been losing strength all dayy let's look at where it is now. >> karen, earl has been weakening quite a bit. category 4 hurricane, now baaely holding on to hurricane 1 status as it moves north and east now affecting portions of new england. martha's vineyard, and nantucket will be dealing with earll3 overnight but certainly not feeling the effects that the folks felt in the outer banks todaa and even here in maryland. bacc at home we're dry this evening and we'll stay that way. earl is a category 1 hurricane at this time. you can see winds at 75-mile-per-hour. it only takes wwnds to be 74 miles pee hour to hold on to we're expecting with the next update it will weaken to a tropical torm as it's still off have been.
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we''e watching the tropic fos for a few more storms. i'll have the latest on those and our weekend weather coming up in a it. %-you can track thh storm on line. get the latest on where hurricane earl is as we speak by going to %- in other nnws, the familyf years ago is keeping his family alive. behind tonight's candlelight vigil. hello, miranda. >> repooter: karen, the vigii just wrapped up aafew minutes ago. in factt you can sttll see the candles burning outside the mall. it was not too far from here where 17-year-old kevin wingert wwssstabbed to death. five years later hhs mother is still waiting for justicc. >> deborah wingert still keeps her son close to her heart. >> i've got this like two months
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aater he died.ú >> reporter: it was five yearss3 ago when 17-year-old kevin was killed outside marley station mall. >> like where they found the blood drops and all that, it was right down there by the yellow stop sign. >> reporter: kevin and his friends were leaving thh mall group of teens looking or the people who tried to rob their3 friend. >> words started, and a fight ensued. >> reporter: but the fight escalated when one of the other teens, 16-yyar-old bbandon kellam, pulled out a knife and stabbed kevin in the chest. >> he cut thrre of his ribb and his main artery. -e basically bled out here.3 rot >> reporter: keelaa was originally charged as an adult but a judge ordered him tried as a juvenile. >> he spent four years in a drug intentional murder.
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it's the biggest travesty of justice i've seen ever. ever. >> marking the five year anniversary of kevin's deaah, family and frindz gathered outside the mall for a candlelight vigil. -> he knows we're praying for >> reporter: his mom said she wants her son's senselesssmurder to never be forrgtten. you never get over.t something itts bad enough to lose a child, but to lose a child in that way and to have it be your nly child, you cannt explain it. ú% reporter: and brandon kellaa at a facility in michigan. he was releaaed in march of this miranda stevens, fox 45 news at ú%. ->> new tonight, we're getting our first look at 911 tapes from the standoff at discovery channel this week.ú wednesday james lee entered the
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discoveryychaanel building and he had a long-running grudge against the cable network. >> montgomery county 911. what is the emergency? one discovery place inside the lobby offdiscovery commmnications. >> one discovery plaae? >> yes, and he's got a gun. he's going through the front dess. he's got people on the floor. >> i as standdng outside about to go in the lobby and somebody3 -aid don't go in there, there's somebody with a gun.ú i could only see the gun and i >> police shot and killed lee after a our-hour tandoff. two boys are arrested for bringing a handdgun to class. it happeeed at an elementary school in north baltimore. the 10 and 11-year--lds were taken into custody and stayed overnight at the juvenile detention center in the city. police say the students tried to hidd tte unloaded hand gun on fox 45 viewers fight back
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and help put another wanted criminal behind bars. friday, we highlighted tyrese jackson in our fugitiveefile segment. she was wanted for the attempt ! attempted murder of a an. a viewer recognized jackson, made a call to police, and jackson was arrested early this3 morning. >> we can't be on the streets 24/7, but with the citizees out3 -here, they see thinns all the time, and with ttat tv show being airee, it's definitely a help because this person should not be oo thh street walkinn around. in our fugiiiie files, go to f and click on fugitiveefiles in the news feature section. and tell us how your fighting bacc. let us know what you're doing to try and clean up the streett where you liie. give us a call at 410-662-1456. a biker speeding doww 95
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gets pulled over, fined, and then charged with wiretapping. coming up, the traffic stop that could determine whether it's3 legal to videotape police officers as they work. and an 8-foottshark pulled out of maryland waters. where it was found, straight %- and i'm keith daniels. a tripll shooting in southweet baltimore. a woman is dead. why witnesses believe her husband may have been the -arget. we'll have that storyycoming upp temperatures down this weekend. how low they will go i my skywatch forecast. fox 5 news, thissyear'ss3 winner of eight e
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>> a woman is killed in a
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tripleeshooting triggered by a possible dispute over drugs.ú keith daniels live at city police headquarters where police say a lost stash could ery well be the reason hybrid th behind the deadly attack.ú keith? neighborhood tonight talking to3 witnesses, looking for clues. it's a deedly case that's less than 24 hours old, and that suspect remains on the loose. it happened outsidd this home n the 500 block of east lynn avenue. a triple shooting with one woman dead. she lived at thii house where bulllts pierced the front porch violence, neighbors say, in a troubled neighborhood. baltimmre zoo. >> reeorter: investigators re trying to determine exaccly what happennd, but here's what weú know so far. ú%lice arrived on the bllck at about 11:30 thursday night. they found 30-year-old woman lying in thh street, shot
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several times in the back. she died later at the hospital. according to the initial police reportss,the dealer had stashed some crack cocaine in the hhel well of the woman's husband's car, similar to this one, without his knowledge. when the husband drove off, the %-thht, police say, may have triggered the beginning of a the dealer showed up with ance. shotgun, killing the womaa. he also shot a 11-year-old boy in the hand and another man in the neck. frightening moments forrone neighbor who heard the gunfire and briefly saw the commotion. >> well, there was two men that %-i didn't knoo at that time tht they were even involved in the activity that had just happened, but i heard tte gunshots, and i had the door open to let my dog out. i quick shut the door because i3 didn't want them to see me if they weee involved in ii. >> well, again, no arress tonight but police say they're
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we're live at city police heedquarters. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10. >> all right. thank yyu, keith. an abbrtion doctor is under investigation in aryland. state medical documents say dr. steven brigham has a habit of senddng late-term abbrtion patientt to his clinic ii se!3 cecil county after beginning brigadeham does not hav!!briga e brigham does nnt have a license to practice in maryland. a speeding biker is pulled over by authoritiis, gets a ticket, and then is charged with -iretapping. his attorneys argued today to have the charges thrown out. >> get off the motorcycle. get off the motoocycle. sttte police. >> reporter: thisstraffic stop ú%corded by a helmet camera and later posted on youtube is several recordings that police point to as illegal. >> if you're recording a video device which includes audio, you're breakinn the state law.3
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state law indicates youucannot we can seize that device and %-it.3úate an arrest because of county, attorneys for thetford motorcyclist argued to have chhrges againnt him thrown outt >> the charges were flag rantly improperly.3 citizens do have the riiht to are doing when i they'rricials performing their public duties in public. graber violated aryland's wire tap act. theejudge doesn't seem entiiely -onvinced. one point the judge made during changed. now almost everywhere you go, just within this halffbllck, i see threeedifferent ameras recording me, and almost everyone has a cell phone wiih a camera on it. >> the ssate'' contention here3 is that the police have a right to tape all offus and none of us have the riiht to tape thhm.
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ú%torneyygeneral released an opinion that suppprted graber's case. it ssated a police stop is not a ppivate conversation. therefore, it's not covered by the state's wwre tap act. >> it's whether or noo you have a reasonable expectation of privacy. >> reporter: gr aber was charged with violating the state's wire tap act after he posted this video on the internee. the judge said he'll makin make a ruling by october 12th hen ú scheduled too3 will not comment pendiig the judge's deeision. for the first time in maryland's history, voters can cast ballots before primary day. the first of six days f early voting began today. john rydell visited some pathology place!!polling places where voters are getting an early start. >> reporter: among the early voting siies, this is one of th3 most popular.
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by mid afternoon more than 00 votees had caatttheir ballots at the community centerr ú%ong them, this man is running executivv. >> we had a longgline. when the pollses opened at 10:00, the system is working well. the lines were cleared within 10 minutes..3 >> reporter: governor o'malley and his wife judge katie o'malley cast their ballots this aattrnoon in northwest battl!! baltimore. %-political pundits wonder whetr six days of early voting will voter turnout. expect voter turnouts to beand i highhr than ttey otterwwse would be. >> reporter: but retired johns hopkins political professor saiw mixed results. >> researchhdone in 2007 showed no significant can't o or
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negligible ncrease in urnout. >> reporter: he said early voting may not boost democratic voters in a heavily democratic state like maryland. >> people who vote early are -eople who have already ade up their minds about who they're going to vote for. they're the people that turn out anyway. >> reporter: election officials remain optimisticc they're hoping ttoseewho have already voted will spread the >> we're open. >> reporter: especially withnday five more days of early voting and then the traditional primary on ssptember 14tt. in baltimore, john rydell, foxx3 45 news at 10. >> iffyou'ddlike mooe information about early voting %-ballot, log onto our wwbbite t and stay with fo fox 45 for tte november elections. go to and click on the vote 2010 icon in thh news feature section.
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altimmre has among the worst drivers in the unittd states of america. accorring to aalstate, baltimore every fivv and a half years and are nearly 80% more likely to get into car accidents than theú average american driver. the only driver worse than a baltimorean, d.c. drivers. city. dismal economic news. unemployment is on tte rise. new job statistics released today show nationallunemployyent private employyrs added 67,000 jobs, but nearly that many were lost, mostly temporary census jobs. >> but i want all americans to >> the american people don't want another pep tall. they want nother approach. they want to do so this administration -- to do so thi3 to see this administration abandon the policy of more >> reporter: president obama in
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the meantime wantssccngress to ú%ss a small business measure t3 spur employment. now on to our question of the day. do you have faith in the u.s. so far 11% of you say yes, 89% of youusay no. listening to guys like warren buffet and biil gates makes me confident in he long haul. harold rights repeal obamaacare and the economy will take care of itself in short order. tell us what you think. you can sound off throughh3 facebook, sen us a tweet t fox bbltimore. youucan text us as well and your response ill be aired on the late editiin. now that hurricane eaal has passed, t looks llke we'rr in for a very nice weekend. >> here's all the good news tonight. >> good news for us, but not for fooks in massaahusetts. they're holdinn oo to thh threat of hurricane forcc winds and under hurricane waanings along the coastline n portions ofú
10:25 pm
massachusetts and a lot of rain being dumpeddportions of new england this evening. we'll continue to track earl,,3 but it's barely holding onnto hurriccne status at this hour with winds at 75 miles per hour. back here at home we're seeing cleariig conditions on the radar. a front is moving through tonight but it will stay drr as it pushes through. we have very clear weatherrand bawment. w baltimore. we haddwarm temperatures, anywhere that saw a bit of sunshine. that will not be the case we'll see the sunshine but stay cool as we heea into the reaching a high in ooly thee3 uppee 70s for tomorrow. if youure coming out to the state fair, you cannenjoy plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatuues attnight. we'll e down into the 50s by -ate tomorrow night. i'll have more on what to expect for the rest of the week and tropics going on in just a bit. >> emily, thanks much. you'll need a bigger bbat. a st..mary'' county fisherman said he caught an foot bull sharkkfrom the mouth of the potooac river.
10:26 pm
-> that's tte sharr. he caught the shhrk where the %-he was hoping to catch rays fr a buyiologist but was surprisedú to find a shark. tennis hool gans at the u.s. open. see he brawl and what startyed and coming up next, foo he record, we take a much closer look at the repuulican primary and howwrobert err lick's%i
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ann we continue our vote 2010 coverage tonight.3 we have political analyst blair lee foo the record. hi, blair. >> hi, jennifer. let's tall about brian urphy and tte murphy effect.ú ú%w well do you expect him to do in the republican primary? >> i think the surprise of september 144h republican primary is going to be briaa murphy. this is a little-known yoong from montgomery county, never held elected office in his life, except in this wackyvernor and anti-incumbent resignificance-driven election. i think brian murphy is going to do err well on september
10:30 pm
14th. he may get as much as a third of the republican vote in that primary. >> you're saying he could get 30% of the vote, a guy most people hadn't heard of before a few months aao. ú-coming together to make thats possible? >> a number of things. first of all, and this is he most important thing of all, he's rnin runnnng in a controlled republican priiary. democrats ca can'' votes, ind republicans can vote. he's running on a ttcket that appeals to conservativv republicans. he's running anttiabortion, he's illlgals, he'ssrunning as ainst business person. thii is a platform that really priiary. he can't win agginst o'malley. -t's goinmartinno'mmlley is
10:31 pm
going to point to a bbiin murphy bubble and say this is just like 2002 when a guy named bob pasetro got 20% of the vote. he was a retired grocery clerk from montgomery county who only spent $1,000 and never campaigned, so clearly the 20% anti-townsend vote.s an this. a third of the republican vooers don't llke bob eerlich. that means th a third is more bbt will they vote foo artin o'malley or will they stay home? that's he big questiin. >> of course, we all know how that 2002 race worked out. blair lee, thanks for being with informatioo on the primaries and the november election.ú go to and click on tte 2010 iion iintheenews feature section.
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a brawl in the stands duriig the u.s. open. what got some fans so fired up. water usually puts fire out, but apparently not from this tap. -hy is the water so flammable? cooler temperatures on the way for the eekend. theenextttime we may s
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we had a bit of a scare with hurricaae earl. we had a great week actually this week. >> not bad at all. it was a category 4 hurricane moving toward the united states. a very scary thhng. %-least for us here and i thinke really dodged a bullet across the u.s. >> i'll give you the latest on fiona. not even a trorn tropical storm anyymore. we're out of the woods as far as tropical weather for at leest this week. looking live rom our hd sky cam, a nice night ii effect. a cold front is passing through the area, so the strongest winds that we'll experience this week are not going to be from the they'll be from this cold front pushing through overnightú tonight bringing coolee the cooler temperatures 77 now with partly to mmstly cloudy skies out there and winds out of the west-northwest at 9 miles per hour. thhse will be icking up oil refinery the nex!!picking over the next day, and we'll have clear skies behinddthe cold
10:36 pm
front as well. we're looking at what is now tropical storm earl. ii fact, the hhrricane center put out a new update, rand new data. it's now down to a tropical storm, winds are own to 69 miles per hour, so a sttong tropical storm, and certainly going to be an issue still ffr folks in new england, but not going to be an issue for us any more as ittmoves off to the %-earl bringing it well off the coast, staying away from land aú least in new england. ddfinitely cculd see some impact up there as well but wea cold watee and will continue to do soo the other storms we're watching this evening out in heú atlantic, therr are a coupleú more to talk about. %-see it. here, you can barely tropical depression fionandy o starting to dissipate. i want to talk about this3 system, not even a tropical depression at this hour, but it was gaston just a couple of days ago. it could become a storm once again. i think that will be the next have to watch ouu for asswe head
10:37 pm
in towards the next few days. the other tto not irs aa they continue to weaken and oov away from land. so we're watching tropical storm earl move away from and now. that ccld front helping to brush behind the cold front we'll have breezy connitions, sunny conditions, and vvry dry, so gor scrus weather fo!! gorreous weather for our laaor day weekend. plenty of sunshine. temmeratures will stay in the mid tooupper 70s, so more fall-like condittons out there.3 that will be the case on sunday aa well. just a few clouds by sunday evening, but we'll stay ddy pretty much for the nexttseven days. 65 degrees overnight tonight. overnight ours after that cold front pushes through, and then on the eastern shore for tomorrow, 80 degrees. a really nice day innstore for us. a bit breezy out here with winds out of the west at 1515ú miles per hour and very maryland.le back here in centrrl 78 degrees for the afternoon hiih. we may have a few clouds in the morning but towards the afternooo the sun will comeeout west at 10 to 20 miles perf the3 could gust up to about 25 miles per hour, and that will be the
10:38 pm
case in westeen maryland as well. a little cooler out there. high.grees for the afternoon it's just gorgeous everywhere for tomorrow including at the beach. we are clearing out at ocean upper 70s, and mid 0s for sunday and a lot of sun there for abor day weekend. all right. back hereeat home we're talking about comfortable temperatures for the next ccuple f days, upper 70s before we start to -arm up monday and tuesday into wednesday. we won't stay at 90. to ool down coming up in the 7-day forecass. ú%> here's proof that tennis fans are not so hoity-toity. oh, yeah. the u.s. open hooligans got into aabrawl. %-man about his repeatedned to a he told her to slap him, so she dii. that's when her family and other fans joined in.
10:39 pm
the match was stopped until the %- water usuallyyputs fires out, but apparently not this tap water. thisscouple can't drink their tap water because it catches on willfong said they startedd3 smeelinn natural gas after crews dug a water well in their back yaad. ú%ey say there's ot too! o be something in the water because if a flame gees tto close to running water, it certainly doesn't go out. they have to use bottled water for cooking and cleaning. the gas company took samples but officials don't have the results ú%st yet. some people say pot leads to harder drugs. disagree with may we'll tell you hy ... next. and gaining a few pounds in tte holidays may not seem like a big deal, but why it is for you [ male announcer ] the new subway $2.50 breakfast combo! best deal this side of sunrise, so come in and we'll make yours!
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get a western egg white muffin melt and a 16-ounce cup of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. just $2.50. build your better breakfast today at subway!
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if the numbers on the scale went up over the summer, it'sú time to bring them back down..3 puttiig object as little as 9 pounds of fat, specifically belly fat, can increase your
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risk for heart disease, having a heart attack, oo stroke. mayo clinic researchers say if your waist measures more than 3ú %-for men, it's time to take ii off. ú%> new studies show marijuana may not be a gateeay drug, so called, to other illegal rugs. scientists in miami say instead, factors like stress are more smokers will move on to other drugs. doctors say whites are more likeey to use rugs after pot followed by hi hispanicc and african americans. %-however, is needed.esearch, the final days of tte state ffir are aaproaching, but the excitement simply isn't winding down. >> nn, not at all. justin bieeer has yet to perform and tomoorow s fox 45 day at the state fair. you can come see us, and we can see you. >> that's right.ú and there's one man you still
10:44 pm
have to see. we've been sharing spacc with him since ddy one. %-carver.roduce you to the woodú >> a good wholl some country fair. to us.ú >> it's an impressive art form. my name is marty longg i'm a master of the chainsaw.ú they're like paint brushes. everr saw is a little bbt it's ll power tt weight ratio. i've been doing it for 12 years and i giggle. in the middle of carving i just start laughing that i get paidd3 to do this.
10:45 pm
>> i think it's marvelous. >> i think iitssawesome. >> to be able to take a chainú saw and make something gorgeous, beautiful. >> i would have never imagined back then that i would bb carving trees for sure. >> it's very differentt >> i think it's pretty cool he can dd something like that with a chain saw. >> i thought it as going to be a bear. he just chopped some of it off. i'm not sure now. >> you try toned before yo tryy3 to tend before you mess it p. >> pretty amazing. >> better than working. let's put t in the newsroom. >> amazing. >> unbelievable. the fox 45 crew will be at the fair tomorrow as we've been
10:46 pm
sayiig beginning at 3 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. you can stop by the foxx45 bootú not far from him to say hi and members of tte news team if -ou'd like. what raven got in big trouble last night after scoring a t. d. get the reactiin to the verbal assault coming up next in sportt unlimited. ♪
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storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon. then quickly fell back to earth, landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily, geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow, because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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cold front moving through tonight will bring gorgeoos weathee for tomorrow. 78 degrees for the afternoon high. %-clearing oot towards thegg afternoon and gorgeoos ffr sunday and monday. a great longgweekend before weú start toowarm up by the middle and later part of the week. >> t to t toodleoo, eerl. >> we'll hear who will miss nearly half the year. >> bad news. comiig up tonight ant sports unlimited, ee lee reed will miss the first six games offthe season. his case. el lee bee is scolded after scoring a touchdown. get the reaction to the sideline maryland faces off with navy o

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